Effective solutions for enterprises

main solution

designed for:

  • Create single information space for all IT divisions

  • Create complex system for collecting, accounting and processing data from monitoring systems (commercial solutions, open solutions, company own developments)
  • Increasing the expertise of the company’s specialists, regarding the processes of the enterprise environment (changes, maintenance, development, business)
  • Creating a unified approach to controlling changes in the environment of an enterprise (databases, applications, equipment, etc.)


  • detailed repository of the enterprise environment

    • including wide range data - from servers spec. to database tables struct

    • you can "extend" system by yourself

  • centralised data storage

    • unified strorage structure

    • any enterise metrics - from CPU stats to annual profit

    • loading data from external sources

  • detailed change control tracking

    • tracking code chanes, hardware configuration and changes

  • unique analysis toolkit

    • various indicators

    • complex graph and reports

    • automatic reporting


  • Reducing the costs of the implementation and implementation of DevOps in the company
  • Building interaction processes and increasing the transparency of existing processes for development, support and business areas
  • Building processes for synchronizing changes in an enterprise environment
  • Implementation of processes to protect the enterprise environment from destructive changes


  • RDBMS Oracle 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 18

  • RDBMS MySQL 5, 6

  • RDBMS SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012

  • RDBMS FireBird 2, 3

  • Common protocols - SSH, WMI





  • MS/ITAA/1 RunXtrators - Collect custom stats from the target systems for loading into the AIAS with the special agent
  • MS/ITAA/2 LoadBusinessStats - Load custom business-derived stats or process info for loading into the AIAS with the special agent
  • MS/ITAA/3 CreateDBframe (full) - The database framing agent (from database)
  • MS/ITAA/4 CreateDBframe (file) - The database framing agent (from file)
  • MS/ITAA/5 CreateDBframe (changes by DB) - The database framing agent (load changed data from target database by DB data)
  • MS/ITAA/6 CreateDBframe (changes by DDL) - The database framing agent (load changed data from the target database by xs-ddlstorage data)
  • MS/ITAA/7 CreateDBframe (changes by DB+DDL/DROP) - The database framing agent (load changed data from target database by DB data and partial DDL/DROP audit using xs-ddlstorage)
  • MS/ITAA/8 LoadStats (DBObjects) - Load main database stats with the special agent
  • MS/ITAA/9 LoadStats (DB) - Load stats for database objects with the special agent
  • MS/ITAA/10 LoadInTimeStats (from ITS-buffer) - Load pre-collected stats from the ITS-buffer
  • MS/ITAA/11 CreateCCFframe (folders) - The custom folder framing agent (load content from local folders)
  • MS/ITAR/1 Passport - Node passport separated section
  • MS/ITAR/2 Brief - Brief node description
  • MS/ITAR/3 Artefacts - Node and its child nodes artefacts (types, metrics and stats)
  • MS/ITAR/4 ModuleDesc - AIAS internal directories, content and relations
  • MS/ITAR/5 AgentDesc - AIAS internal directories, content and relations for the specified agent
  • MS/ITAR/6 AgentDiff - Compare agent's pair by its internal directories
  • MS/ITAR/7 DiffCommon - Compare node's pair (artefacts and connections)
  • MS/ITAR/8 DiffStructure - Compare node's pair (by each child node)
  • MS/ITAR/9 DiffMetrics - Show changes for available node metrics
  • MS/ITAR/10 Interactions - An interaction graph for current node
  • MS/ITAR/11 Stats - Draw node stats as a multi-series graph
  • MS/ITAR/12 Groups - Draw node stats as a pie-slice graph 
  • MS/ITAR/13 Ranges - Draw node stats in a range shape
  • MS/ITAR/14 Processes - Draw node-related processes
  • MS/ITAR/15 Aggregation - Draw node stats behavior graph with a tree-map shape
  • MS/ITAR/16 Combination - Draw stats for several nodes as a multi-series graph
  • MS/ITAR/17 Correlation - Calculate and draw stats for node with least/greatest correlation
  • MS/ITAR/18 FMPassport - Generate special form of a passport for model node
  • MS/ITAR/19 FMCombination - Draw several graphs for models related stats are combined together
  • MS/ITAR/20 FMFactors - Describe model factors and related items – thresholds and tracks
  • MS/ITAR/21 LevelDesc - AIAS internal directories, content and relations for the specified level-node
  • MS/ITAR/22 NodeInteractors - Node structure analysis (interactors)
  • MS/ITAS/1 JumpToExtraInfo - Open external resource specified for a node
  • MS/ITAS/2 NotificationEmail - Send an e-mail with a custom text about a current node
  • MS/ITAS/3 NotificationSnapshot - Send an e-mail with an active screenshot and text about a current node
  • MS/ITAS/4 StatsDownload - Download current node stats in the local file
  • MS/ITAS/5 StatsUpload - Upload stats from the local to the AIAS DB
  • MS/ITAS/6 StructDownload - Download a current node structure in the local file
  • MS/ITAS/7 StructUpload - Upload structure data for current node from the local file
  • MS/ITSS/1 CollectInTimeStats (from DB to ITS-buffer) - Collects in-time database stats and store them in the ITS-buffer for future processing
  • MS/ITSS/2 FMCovers - Convert *.eps to *.jpg files for models



  • 1.0.0, 01.01.2019
    • Release
  • 1.0.1, 27.10.2019
    • Documentation are updated
  • 1.0.2, 30.12.2019
    • Documentation are updated, added documentation for ITS module, added promo-documentations
  • 1.0.3, 01.04.2020
    • Documentation are updated, released solution SS-C
  • 1.1.0, 01.07.2020
    • New functions, documentation are updated
  • 1.2.0, 01.09.2020
    • Added new function MS/ITAR/21 LevelDescription
    • Added new instrumental elements for the function MS/ITAA/3 CreateDBFrame
    • Documentation are updated
  • 1.3.0, 01.12.2020
    • Deprecate for the function MS/ITSS/2 FMCovers
    • Documentation are updated
  • 1.3.1, 01.01.2021
    • Fresh build for tha ITA module, released new modules - ITAMM, ITS
    • Some fixes for the ITS module
    • Some fixes for the ITA module, fixed bug with batch-processing
  • 1.4.1, 01.04.2021
    • Added MS Sql Server domain for the primaries functions - frame and stats processing
    • Renamed stats for early released functions (under Oracle domain)
    • Added processing mode for some instrumental elements
    • Fixed wrong icons for MySQL agents
    • Added function MS/ITAR/22 NodeInteractors
    • Stats used in functions MS/ITAA-8 и MS/ITAA-9 was renamed
    • Also include changes for IT(A), IT(A)-MM, IT(C), IT(S) modules