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Our experts will help you use the existing AIAS functionality as efficiently as possible:

  • Assist in the selection of solutions and functional elements
  • Provide user consultation within the current functionality
  • Provide priority information on updates and migration methods
  • Assist in correcting AIAS data errors
  • Perform priority troubleshooting of identified defects



Our experts will help to carry out a full cycle of work on the implementation of the pilot project:

  • Will analyze current business processes
  • Organize the collection of business requirements and conduct their analysis
  • They will select the necessary solutions and their elements
  • Tune existing solutions and elements
  • Help deploy and customize selected solutions
  • Develop regulatory documents and process maps
  • Provide the necessary training for your staff



Our experts will help you:

  • Analyze and repair AIAS operational failures
  • They will take control of the functioning of AIAS, its modules and elements
  • ​​​​​​​They will help to build and carry out processes for responding to failures of AIAS and its environment
  • Work on updating AIAS and related elements
  • Provide timely and correct update of required software
  • AIAS productivity restoration work will be carried out
  • Implement the adaptation of functionality according to your needs
  • Develop required manuals and instructions



Do you use unique technologies or want to build more complex processes? We are ready to ensure the development of AIAS, taking into account your characteristics:

  • Let us analyze the current and target state of the environment of the enterprise
  • We will conduct a needs analysis and generate the necessary project documentation
  • We will provide our own team to finalize the solutions or we will help to form our own
  • We perform a private solution modification
  • Ensure AIAS compliance with the current business processes of the enterprise
  • We will carry out the necessary test, load and acceptance tests