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automated information and analytical system "A-STACK"

A unique product that allows you to take the management of the IT environment of the enterprise to a whole new level. This is a combination of approaches and technologies, dictated by many years of development experience and successful design of the enterprise’s IT environment.


AIAS "A-STACK" - the result of a search for solutions to real problems of business and IT to achieve enterprise success.


A unified view of the environment and processes of the enterprise - from source code to server configuration, from CPU statistics to profit indicators.


The introduction of AIAS "A-STACK" in the IT environment of the enterprise, can significantly increase the efficiency of interaction between IT and related departments by creating a unified view of IT assets, increasing the transparency of processes and detailed control of changes.

A fully functional system that does not have technical or software limitations. It solves the common enterprise management problems - unified view of enterprise assets, collecting enterprise assets indicators, change management processes

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An expanding solution is a set of elements that enhance the functionality of a main or specialized solution due to integration with third-party functionality

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Special solution is a set of elements of one application area. It complementing the functionlaty of main solution and solving primary enterprise management problems

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AIAS "A-STACK" was included

in the National Software Register

by Order of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation 09.06.2020 No. 272 

(Appendix 1, No. 41, registry No. 6695)

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