Effective solutions for enterprises

special solution - ss-s (security)

designed for:

  • Form access rights objects for database and applications

  • Apply organisation chart in environment change control processes
  • Process and apply access list for user accounts
  • Manage user accounts over AIAS UI
  • Generate specialised reports for user access control
  • Search and store hardware assets and it location
  • Detailed configuration for hardware assets under control various OS



  • Detailed control

    • Generate access objects sets for databases and applications
    • Detailed info for access object according domain
    • Generate detailed configuration for hardware assets (Windows, Linux)
  • Agile apply
    • Apply various sources for data - network, API, sheets
    • Special reports for company chart management and access rights
    • Automated extract and generate datas
  • Active environment
    • Simple and powerful account and consumer management
    • Manage state and data for user accounts



  • Design and apply processes for security and configuration management
  • Create automated assests management 

Audit access rights, gather system, software and hardware configuration, account management.




  • SS-S/ITAA/1 CreateHCMframe (from file) - Load company human-resource data (staff and divisions) from local file
  • SS-S/ITAA/2 CreateCNFframe (full by DB) - Create a configuration frame for a database (or application)
  • SS-S/ITAA/3 CreateHCMaccess (from file) - Create connections between loaded staff and database or application accounts from a local file
  • SS-S/ITAA/4 CreateAssets (net) - Create assets based on scan search
  • SS-S/ITAA/5 CreateAssets (file) - Create assets from a local file
  • SS-S/ITAR/1 Profile - Output employer data and available user accounts
  • SS-S/ITAR/2 ProfileDiff - Compare employees’ pair (personal data and available user accounts)
  • SS-S/ITAR/3 UserAccess - Output user accounts usage and additional information for enterprise division or enterprise as a whole
  • SS-S/ITAR/4 HCMframe - Output enterprise divisions
  • SS-S/ITAR/5 UserUsage - Output user accounts usage for specified user accounts group
  • SS-S/ITAR/6 Asset - Output assets available information and a pillar file
  • SS-S/ITAR/7 AccessCheck - Checking user access logs (from local files) and provide report for potential insecure connections
  • SS-S/ITAR/8 HCMChart - Enterprise divisions and personnel roles
  • SS-S/ITAS/1 DoUserInfo - Show a user account data from database
  • SS-S/ITAS/2 DoUserLock - Direct lock a user account in database
  • SS-S/ITAS/3 DoUserUnlock - Direct unlock a user account in database
  • SS-S/ITAS/4 DoUserChangePwd - Direct change password for a user account in database
  • SS-S/ITAS/5 CodeUnwrap - Try to unwrap some pillar file for Oracle database objects
  • SS-S/ITSS/1 GenerateCNFframePillars (full by DB) - Generate pillar files for configuration frame (for specified database)
  • SS-S/ITSS/2 GenerateWMIAssetsPillars - Generate pillar file for WMI accessed asset (Windows hosts)
  • SS-S/ITSS/3 GenerateSSHAssetsPillars - Generate pillar file for SSH accessed asset (Linux hosts)



  • 1.0.0, 01.07.2020
    • Initial release
  • 1.0.1, 01.09.2020
    • Minor fixes, some extensions for SS-S/ITAA/2
  • 1.0.2, 01.01.2021
    • Deploy scripts fixes, documentation fixes, code fixes
  • 1.1.1, 01.04.2021
    • Added SQL Server domain for solution support
  • 1.2.1, 01.10.2021
    • Minor fixes
    • Implemented solution function - SS-S/ITAR/HCMChart 
    • Connection bugs fixed for solution agents