Effective solutions for enterprises

special solution - ss-s (security)

designed for:

  • Form access rights objects for database and applications

  • Apply organisation chart in environment change control processes
  • Process and apply access list for user accounts
  • Manage user accounts over AIAS UI
  • Generate specialised reports for user access control
  • Search and store hardware assets and it location
  • Detailed configuration for hardware assets under control various OS



  • Detailed control

    • Generate access objects sets for databases and applications
    • Detailed info for access object according domain
    • Generate detailed configuration for hardware assets (Windows, Linux)
  • Agile apply
    • Apply various sources for data - network, API, sheets
    • Special reports for company chart management and access rights
    • Automated extract and generate datas
  • Active environment
    • Simple and powerful account and consumer management
    • Manage state and data for user accounts



  • Design and apply processes for security and configuration management
  • Create automated assests management 

Audit access rights, gather system, software and hardware configuration, account management.